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Treatment for Philippine Typhoon Survivors:

Let us come together in this place of consciousness where we know that all is God. For in this place I know that I am one with and in Spirit, and I know this truth for each of us. Within our hearts and our minds we invoke the infinite truth that as humanity, we are all unified in the world.

And so I speak my word for all of those who are affected by the typhoon in the Philippines, whether they are in the midst of the disaster or somewhere else watching and waiting to hear of loved ones. I know that the divine grace of God brings to wholeness everything that is disrupted, injured, destroyed, and displaced; the goodness that is God is present in all of the events and all of the lives. All of that which appears as terror, as horror, as destruction and loss is balanced and undergirded by the love and light that is Divine Spirit.

I speak my word knowing that what appears to be lost is found, that what appears to be destroyed is renewed and resurrected, and that that which appears broken is in fact intact. I release the need to question why, I let go of those immediate reactions of seeing others victimized and traumatized, and instead I know that God transcends suffering and that goodness is both the cause and the effect.

I know that God works through each and every person who is personally experiencing this tragedy, as well as those who are responding to the dreadful pain and need. I know that the divine love and life within each person shine through all of the toils, all of the efforts, all of the money and assistance with a healing balm that comes from Spirit. For I know that terrible events bring to life within each of us compassion, understanding, and generosity.

I know that in all ways, everyone who is in any way affected by the storm is supported, comforted, nourished, guided, empowered and emboldened to press forward so that out of the temporary ashes of destruction, there is a support system that resurrects and transforms new life.

And I give thanks as I recognize this as my truth and I release it into the Divine Mind that is All Mind. I know that Spirit is present within me and all of humanity, guiding everyone to do all that I can be done to comfort, support and love all who suffer.

I let it go and So It Is.

Here are the links I received from Home Office.


Relief Fund
Centers for Spiritual Living is working with Rev. Roy Fisher, who has a ministry in the Philippines. Once the needs of his ministry are determined, we will let our communities know and contributions to assist Rev. Roy can be made to our Disaster Relief Fund. Find out more about the fund and how to donate to it here: http://csl.org/disaster-relief.html. (If the links do not work, copy and paste them into your browser.)

For other ways to give to the people of the Philippines, you may want to consider the nonprofit organization Doctors Without Borders at DoctorsWithoutBorders.org. Below is an article from the Los Angeles Daily News listing organizations that are receiving donations:

How to help
The Philippine Consulate of Los Angeles provided the following information for those who want to make donations to help people affected by Typhoon Haiyan:

National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC)
Account Name: NDRRMC Donated Funds
Account Numbers: 0435-021927-030 (Peso Account);
 0435-021927-530 (U.S. Dollar Account);
Swift Code: DBPHPHMM Account #36002016

Development Bank of the Philippines, Camp Aguinaldo Branch
Email: accounting@ocd.gov.ph
Website: www.ndrrmc.gov.ph

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
Account No: 3124-0055-81

Land Bank of the Philippines, Batasan, Quezon City
Website: www.dswd.gov.ph

Philippine Red Cross (PRC)
Tel: 632-527-0000