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We believe "with God, all things are possible." Talk to a Practitioner if you are in need of inspiration or wholeness in any area - for example - financial, relationships, health, or career. We call our form of Affirmative Prayer, "Spiritual Mind Treatment."

For one-on-one, personal support, please contact the Practitioner of your choice.

Dorothy Hand - 302-226-7776

Aimee Phillips - 302-245-3533


What is a Science of Mind Practitioner? A Science of Mind Practitioner is a person of who is trained in the art, science and skill of spiritual treatment.  Our practitioners are licensed by International Centers for Spiritual Living. They live through a high code of ethics and respect your confidence. 

What is a "Treatment?"
Partial Excerpts from: Religious Science Quick Start Program:

"Spiritual Mind Treatment is a form of affirmative prayer that is unique to Religious Science. A treatment is like a prayer in that you are talking to God; however, different ... because you are not asking/pleading for a gift. You are going through mental steps which will allow you to accept and claim the gift.

"The effectiveness of this technique lies in the fact that it is comprised of five steps which duplicate the creative process of Life itself. The purpose of a treatment is to heal or transform the mind of the person performing the prayer, even if it is for someone else. Because we all share ONE MIND, when we heal or transform our own mind, we also heal the minds of others who are open to healing."

Must I be physically present to receive a "Treatment?"
No. Telephone treatments, even from the other side of the world, are just as effective as when you are in the Practitioner's presence. There is only one Universal Mind, and that Mind is present everywhere. It is into this Mind that treatments are given.

Can I do a "Treatment" for myself?
Absolutely! There are five basic steps in a Spiritual Mind Treatment:

  1. Recognition  - Knowing and affirming that there is but one Creative Power in the universe and this Power is present everywhere and in all circumstances.
  2. Unification - Declaring your oneness with this power.
  3. Declaration/Realization - Affirming the greater good we desire.
  4. Thanksgiving/Acceptance - Giving thanks  knowing that your desires are already fulfilled.
  5. Releasing/Letting Go - Releasing the treatment into the Law of Mind to carry it out.

When would I need a practitioner?
When your are too close to your own problem to see your way clear of it. We will work with you in prayer for clarity and right action.

Practitioner Fees.
A practitioner is not paid by the center. Tithing to the Center does not compensate the Practitioner. The work of the practitioner is a professional service. Practitioners train for three years to become licensed.

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For directions or other information, call:
Dorothy at 302-226-7776
Aimee at 302-245-3533


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